Corporate <strong>Law</strong>

Corporate Law

The legal needs of a business owner will grow and evolve over time with the business. As any business owner knows, the long-term path of a business is rarely smooth and steady, but fraught with twists, turns and obstacles that require a team of steady hands to navigate.
Commercial <strong>Real Estate</strong>

Commercial Real Estate

At Thomson Law, PLLC, we work with a variety of real estate investors. Some whose real estate investments are a secondary business, some for whom it is primary. Some experienced, some starting anew.
Commercial <strong>Leasing</strong>

Commercial Leasing

A Lease is an important, often long-term document which can have a major impact on the landlord and the tenant. For each party, the Lease will spell out the respective rights and obligations from both a legal and business perspective over the course of the Lease term.
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