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An important, long-term, document

A Lease is an important, often long-term document which can have a major impact on the landlord and the tenant. For each party, the Lease will spell out the respective rights and obligations from both a legal and business perspective over the course of the Lease term. For a landlord, the Lease will determine what the landlord’s rights are should a tenant default. For a tenant, the Lease will determine what its rights are to a location that is often integral to its business.

At Thomson Law, PLLC, we work with our commercial leasing clients to determine what their goals are, and take it from there. For a tenant, that may mean ensuring the client has considered all business terms it should be aware of prior to signing, and advising of the legal implications the tenant may face under the Lease documents. For a landlord, it may mean understanding the operations of a particular building or shopping center, and developing a base Lease for ongoing use as tenants come and go. For either party, it may mean a myriad of other things that we can discuss.

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